proto-songs instrumental film+video projects references main page work in progress männer am feuer (text: markus röder) eine bewegende reise zu den quellen männlicher kraft men around fire (words by markus röder) a journey to the sources of male energy gesucht wird noch ein sprecher für den text! / still looking for a narrator! Tracklist  (vorläufig - preliminary) 01 - Part 1 - Intro 02 - Part 2 - Die Rückkehr 03 - Part 3 - Tanz der Freude 04 - Part 4 - Konfrontation 05 - Part 5 - Begegnung mit Frauen 06 - Part 6 - Der Nächste Morgen 07 - Bonus Track (Tanz der Männer) (Veröffentlichung geplant / Release schedule: 2011)
the wisdom of the sands Inspiriert durch alte sufi-erzählungen und die unendliche weite der wüste the wisdom of the sands Inspired by old sufi stories and the infinite skies of the desert CD 1: Desert Meditations / CD 2: Desert Dances Dieses Projekt umfaßt 2 CD’s mit völlig unterschiedlichen Energien; der erste Teil lädt zu Meditationen über die Qualitäten von Stille und Unendlichkeit ein, der zweite Teil zu Bewegung, Tanz und Lebensfreude. This project contains 2 CD’s with totally different energies; the first part invites you to meditate about the qualities of silence and infinity, while the second one is dedicated to movement, dance and joy. (Veröffentlichung geplant - anticipated release: herbst/autumn 2011) Demo Tracks Part 1 (Desert Meditations) Track 02 - Rain Meditation Track 08 - Prayer Track 10 - Nocturnal Breeze Part 2 (Desert Dances) Track 01 - Desert Walk Track 05 - Percussion Interlude Track 07 - Qasida
dharma yatra - a pilgrimage by land and by water A project with some meditative music that recalls the qualities of earth and water. If you would like to contribute, let LTO know. The door is widely open for any creative input ...
This project reflects African moods and colors. The basic energy is light and playful, but sometimes shows up also a silent longing, a subtle home sickness. I had my good friend Yvo Mansel record some afro-gibberish vocal lines for some of the songs, just to demonstrate how I imagine the vocals (but the final ones may be completely different). I would be happy if I could complete this project with the help of native african musicians ... so come on and join! Yatramusic - Luis Tariq Oyabe - African Moods african moods - a bunch of colors and moods
This is the soil we all come from. A huge continent with immeasurable musical treasures. There may be more ethnic groups, languages and muscial traditions than in the entire rest of the world. The African trail is definitely not authentic “ethnic” but just a personal expedition. To meet and co-create with African musicians would be a wonderful, exiting experience.
the african trail - the roots The Indian Trail tries to capture some sounds and spices from mystic India, and there is still a lot of space for every kind of creative input. the indian trail
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