proto-songs instrumental film+video references main page work in progress projects contact  |  info proto-songs need lyrics ... These songs have some “scrambled eggs style” lyrics, just to demo the vocal line. This is why I call them “proto-songs”. At this point of the creative process, I would like to invite interested lyricists to collaborate. I like lyrics that are not mainstream. The less clichés the better they are. And I don’t mind love songs, but I definitely prefer the ones that create a new, fresh point of view. Something unexpected, idiosyncratic, different, that’s exiting. For all lyrics, the language does’nt matter. English, German, Spanish, Ewe, Japanese is fine. If you like one of the songs, just send me an inquiry. Adding some samples of your work would help me to get a better impression of your style of lyrics. If it suits, I will check whether this song is still available. After that we can start. I have many more songs that I currently (september 2011) prepare to put online as a demo
within the near future. A good friend of mine (a rather popular artist in Germany, but not a vocalist) performed the vocal lines of these demo songs incognito. Thank you, PeeGee!